Cambio has signed an agreement with the municipality of Östersund, Sweden for the supply of Cambio VVIA. The operating systems for health and social care management and for social and labour market management. The aim is to simplify the everyday life of the employees, facilitate collaboration and improve the quality of work with the citizens.

Östersund Municipality’s two administrations, the Health and Care Administration (VOF) and the Social and Labour Market Administration (SAF), today have separate operating systems. The agreements for both administrations needed to be renewed and the municipality decided to carry out a joint procurement in order to improve collaboration between them and to create new opportunities for digitisation and automation. The choice fell on Cambio’s VIVA operating system as the solution of choice.

With Cambio VIVA, Östersund gets a process-oriented and flexible business system that follows the development of the business and simplifies the everyday life of the users. VIVA also gives the municipality of Östersund better opportunities for digitisation and automation.

– With Cambio VIVA we get a modern system support that allows us, in an even better way, to utilise the opportunities of digitalisation, support our employees and provide a better service to citizens. We also see that we in Cambio have a long-term partner that we can develop together in a good way, says Tommy Lekedal, Bitr. Head of Administration at the Social and Labour Market Administration of Östersund Municipality.

– We are pleased and proud that the municipality of Östersund chose VIVA to support the municipality in the development going forward in order to provide even better service to its residents. We at Cambio look forward to our joint work, says Pär Holgersson, CEO of Cambio Welfare Systems.

The procurement proceeded despite Covid-19

The procurement was carried out completely digitally in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. This also contributed to the agreement stipulating that all reconciliations between customer and supplier will continue to be digital in the first place in the future.

– The fact that we managed to complete the procurement despite the challenging situation we all find ourselves in is something that we are very proud of, says Robert Brandt, Head of Administration at the Health and Care Administration of Östersund Municipality. It was a great achievement to carry out all the parts of the procurement through digital meetings and we only see it as positive that we in the future choose an environmentally friendly alternative and invest primarily in continuing with digital meetings, Robert continues.

– We have both the municipality of Östersund as a customer and the Region Jämtland Härjedalen, who is one of our journal system customers. The whole region is characterised by being at the forefront to adapt to new situations and really exploit the opportunities that digitalisation offers. We are very proud to be a partner to a municipality and region at the forefront of innovation, says Pär Holgersson, CEO of Cambio Welfare Systems.

Cambio Healthcare Systems is a company that delivers products and services to the health care market. We are one of the largest suppliers in Scandinavia and a growing player in the European market, with more than 170,000 users across general and university hospitals, health centres and specialist units. We are growing continuously and now have over 700 employees in our offices in Sweden, Denmark and Sri Lanka. We are specialists in the e-healthcare sector.

Photograph: Östersund, Jämtland by photographer Lars Falkdalen Lindahl. Licnes Creative Commons (BY-SA).