Cambio COSMIC provides cohesive and patient-focused operational support, while ensuring that important patient information is readily available.

Through our customer-centric work and by being part of the daily work at the care units, we gain a deep understanding of the needs that exist – and what will characterize the future development of EHR systems. The goal is for our EHR system Cambio COSMIC is to always be perceived as reliable, attractive and smart. With these value words, we are pushing the development forward, both in terms of small continuous improvements and in taking greater holistic approaches to meet the future challenges of care.

Cohesive and patient-focused operational support

Hospitals and healthcare providers using Cambio COSMIC will receive a coherent journal for the patient, regardless of organisational affiliation. Bookings, test results, drugs, treatments – all share the same picture of the patient.

By sharing the patient record between those who have responsibility for care, you have the possibility to increase patient safety, time saving amongst healthcare personnel and higher quality meetings with the patient. The working day is also facilitated by being able to work mobile and giving users support for the tasks and routines to be followed.

The use of Cambio COSMIC EHR system enables your health care unit to work more efficient and streamline the work flow

A coherent journal provides a better overall picture and paves the way for the best possible care

Cambio COSMIC is built on a modern and powerful platform with a wide range of associated subsystems to support all types of healthcare.