The future health data platform

Start your journey to gain full access to standardised health data, digital strategies, reduced lock-in effect and a patient centric ecosystem.

Future proof your health data

To enable more stakeholders better utilization of health data to address future challenges and capitalize on opportunities and innovation, it is necessary to harness the power of health data more effectively.

Through agreed-upon standards, we enable health data to be moved, communicated, and categorized securely, regardless of provider, caregiver, or geographic boundaries. Alongside robust security measures that protect individuals and ensure that only authorized personnel can access patient data, we lay the foundation for the future digital support within healthcare.

Cambio Platform is the result of years of experience with large regional medical record systems and standardized health data, combined with the drive to participate in creating an entirely new open ecosystem where information follows the patient and is not confined within the healthcare system.


The foundation of your health data

Reduce lock-in effects by start storing your data on the Cambio Platform CDR. This is the heart of the platform where all patient data is stored and collected. Scalable, secure and fully based on openEHR.

  • Store your data with openEHR
  • Import- and export usability for health data
  • Secure management of health data


API:s for application development

Core Services represents the open API:s of Cambio Platform which is used for application development and ensures that innovators have a wide range of capabilities ready, enabling them to focus completely on their use case.

  • Patient register mapped to openEHR EHR id
  • Terminology support for Snomed CT
  • Secure management of health data


Enables inhouse development

Low code and no code development by openEHR-forms, rules for decision support and much more with the help of tools, secured and automated transfer of configurations to the körmiljö? of your choice.

  • Create openEHR-forms for health care professionals and patients
  • Integrate forms to be used in COSMIC
  • Manage and share forms within the health care community


Cambio Platform trial

Cambio Platform is provided as a service which makes it quick and easy to set up and start leveraging all the advantages of sustainable and secure health data.

Questions and feedback

Do not hesitate to send any feedback or questions our way. We all succeed through collaboration within the e-health ecosystem!