Cambio VIVA is a powerful tool for municipal documentation and a secure knowledge and decision support that facilitates the everyday work.

Viva is developed to be able to keep up with the organisation’s development and changes. In addition to being a powerful tool addressing work process and workflows, Viva includes a number of automatic processes. Cambio VIVA contains innovative features that meet employees’ increased expectations of mobility and flexibility.

Cambio VIVA helps the user to make decisions through many automated processes. The system’s user-friendly interface also makes, for example, investigations and decisions that are made and orders that are sent are clearly located and easy to find. When everything is gathered in one place, the staff get a much clearer overall picture. This facilitates the work and ensures that staff see all important documentation about the individual caregiver in a fast and secure way. All in order to provide better care. It is also easy to carry out detailed and effective follow-up of work done through a flexible statistical functionality.

Cambio VIVA is comprised of a number of subsystems that can be used separately or integrated with each other. They are adapted for individual and family care. Participation with citizens is made possible through various e-services.

Clear processes provide security and opportunity to develop

Cambio VIVA provides a digital work environment that supports work processes and follows the organisation’s development and changes.