Cambio Logistics helps health and care operations to efficiently manage their business flows, by providing mobile apps that automate and replace cumbersome paper-based routines and workflows. The comprehensive and secure system gives you full control over resources and assets while minimizing time-consuming administration.

Cambio Logistics helps your business with decision support and to keep track of resource availability, workflows, handling of equipment and more. Care staff avoid time-consuming administration and can instead focus on their core business. Lack of consumables and ambiguity regarding the handling of equipment can have a far-reaching impact on patient safety and quality of care.

Digitalisation of manual routines

Cambio Logistics facilitates daily work and streamlines time-consuming administrative tasks. Digitizing and automating the manual routines not only makes the business more patient-safe, but it also simplifies these processes for staff who no longer have to handle handwritten lists, folders, post-it notes or Excel files. The system can be used both on your mobile and your computer.

Cambio Logistics is easy to integrate with your existing systems for procurement, purchasing and replenishment, which minimizes the risk of resources running out or not being available when needed.

Cambio Logistics provides your business with:

  • More efficient workflows
  • Reduced administration
  • Higher safety for patients
  • Improved control of resources
  • Simplified resource management
  • Improve reports
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Cambio Logistics

Helps you take control over resources and assets while minimizing time-consuming administration in health and care.