Cambio strengthens the team and recruits Chief Customer Delivery Officer

Starting May 20, Nicklas Hjalmarsson will be the new Chief Customer Delivery Officer at Cambio. With his long experience and extensive expertise in service delivery, Nicklas will be a valuable addition to Cambio’s operations and is expected to play a key role in driving “delivery excellence” and strengthening Cambio as a service provider.

Nicklas comes most recently from a role as Head of Digital Employment at The Employment Agency (Arbetsförmedlingen), where he has been responsible for digitizing the their business-critical processes. Before that, Nicklas was head of an department at Saab, with responsibility for the company’s strategic IT projects, for example the implementation of secure IT environments.

“Nicklas is an experienced and inspiring leader with a passion for digitizing and improving efficiency in public sector. We are very happy to welcome Nicklas to our team and are confident that Nicklas will play a crucial role in taking our delivery business to new heights”, says Rami Avidan, CEO of Cambio.

“I look forward to leading Cambio’s journey towards becoming a best in class service partner. It will be inspiring to, together with the team at Cambio and the customers, ensure the delivery of user benefits and customer value”, says Nicklas Hjalmarsson.

Tomas Block, Chief Medical Officer at Cambio and acting Chief Customer Delivery Officer since autumn 2023, will throughout 2024 continue to support the delivery organization to ensure continuity in customer dialogues and a smooth transition.