A collaboration between Cambio COSMIC Automation Support and SmiNet reduces the administrative burden for healthcare professionals with respect to infection prevention and control reporting. The new solution will be delivered by Cambio free of charge in the course of 2020. The response from the customers has been very positive.

According to the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act, it is the responsibility of the treating physician to report suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the SmiNet system. In the electronic report/form, the route of transmission, severity, risk group, etc. are registered. The information in SmiNet provides the Swedish authorities (Public Health Authority and the National Board of Health and Welfare) and decision-makers with the correct basis for communication, recommendations, and decisions.

Due to the Corona pandemic, healthcare professionals currently work very long shifts with significant time constraints, making it difficult for them to allocate time for administrative tasks. Their focus is on providing patients with the best possible care. Cambio noted the situation and created a solution that facilitates infection prevention and control reporting and automates essential parts of SmiNet’s reporting process.

  • “I cannot recall that I have ever seen a solution that is so easy to implement and adds so much value for the users in a very difficult and unusual situation. Our users are very satisfied and grateful, and so is the regional management’, says Karin Björklund, Business Developer/IT and registered nurse at Region Östergötland”.

What has made the solution possible is a so-called single sign-on from Cambio COSMIC directly to SmiNet, which allows users to access the infection prevention and control unit’s website and the relevant reporting form directly in the medical record system without having to log in to another system. Information about the patient is transferred from the previous documentation and the register is populated with data much faster than before. Thanks to the solution, the process of infection prevention and control reporting has been significantly simplified.

The solution has been implemented in the regions of Uppsala, Östergötland and Jämtland, as well as at Capio St: Göran’s Hospital. Licensing and delivery are included in COSMIC Automation Support and will be offered free of charge to all connected regions and municipalities during 2020.

‘The solution is offered to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals in this extremely stressful situation. It is gratifying to know that our products really make a difference’, says Tomas Block, Medical Chief Officer and Vice President at Cambio.