Cambio awarded the contract to deliver the main electronic health record system Cambio COSMIC to Åland

Cambio, the leading player in eHealth in the Nordic region, has won the procurement for a new main electronic health record system in Åland, thus entering a new geographical market with the Cambio COSMIC electronic health record system. The agreement confirms Cambio’s leading position and the confidence in Cambio as a long-term supplier and partner.

The won procurement means that Cambio will deliver the main electronic health record system to the healthcare sector in Åland. The contract runs for 10 plus 4 plus 4 years and is a comprehensive commitment including implementation. Through this collaboration, Cambio will offer solutions that meet Åland’s needs to increase the quality and accessibility of care through digitalization, as well as facilitate the daily work of healthcare staff.

– “We are very proud of Åland’s confidence in us and our ability to support Åland in their digitalization journey with our products and services. We look forward to contributing to the delivery of future healthcare to the people of Åland,” says Cecilia Täkte, Chief Commercial Officer, Cambio.

– “We are extremely pleased that we can now begin our partnership with Cambio to implement COSMIC in Åland, which we see meets our needs today. For Åland, this means a noticeable digital development. We also see that we have a competent partner well positioned to meet our goals and visions for the future,” says Jeanette Pajunen, Director of Health and Medical Services.

The work to implement Cambio COSMIC in Åland starts immediately, and soon the training of healthcare personnel in COSMIC, designed based on Åland’s specific needs, will begin.

About Åland’s Health and Medical Care (ÅHS)

ÅHS is responsible for all public health and medical care in Åland – from maternal and child health care to various forms of specialized care and end-of-life care. The comprehensive service that ÅHS offers to the people of Åland and visitors to the archipelago is characterized by a personal atmosphere where care and quality are in focus. Our collaboration with hospitals in Helsinki, Turku, and Uppsala also provides patients and staff with access to top Nordic expertise.

About Cambio

Cambio was founded in 1993 and has since delivered comprehensive IT solutions for healthcare organizations and management systems for municipalities. Today, Cambio is the market-leading supplier in the Nordic region with a comprehensive offering for the entire chain within healthcare and social care, aiming to provide the most innovative digital solutions for regions and municipalities.