Sweden’s largest provider of healthcare information systems, Cambio, has agreed on a broad collaboration with ImagineCare, Sweden’s leading platform for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Cambio integrates ImagineCare into Cambio COSMIC with the vision of jointly creating new possibilities for improving and streamlining the care cycle.

Cambio COSMIC is used by 8 of 24 Swedish healthcare regions and one private healthcare provider. COSMIC will also be introduced in 9 additional Swedish healthcare regions. ImagineCare is already active in two of the regions that use COSMIC. Thus, the parties have been able to start up the collaboration in dialogue with regional representatives. The collaboration has enabled work to begin to adapt the design of the solution to specific needs and wishes, such as a coherent flow of care and, thus, a flexible way of working for the staff.

Regardless of the healthcare institution, patient’s needs must be at the centre. With RPM as a tool, we further strengthen patient safety and accessibility whilst simultaneously protecting simplicity for those who work with our solutions daily – the health and social care staff. We welcome innovative solutions that are just as suitable for regions as for municipal health and social care.

Ulrika Giers, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Sweden at Cambio

ImagineCare’s platform is developed in Sweden with open standards. It has been created to provide a unified solution for RPM. The platform already supports several of the most common chronic disease groups. The platform can, based on need, offer monitoring for all forms of disease, individual patient needs, preventative care, and also integrate external care flows based on the customers’ wishes.

We have developed a central and solid platform for RPM that can constantly be developed based on needs, both with own and external care flows. We share this long-term approach with Cambio, and we are therefore delighted to be able to take self-monitoring to the next level together with them.

Annette Brodin Rampe, CEO at ImagineCare

Cambio sees RPM as a natural expansion and an essential part of its offering to further improve health and social care.

RPM is already high up on the agenda and will become an increasingly important part of health and care in the future. Therefore, we are proud to be able to present RPM with a platform that is modern, open, and flexible and that will support the staff’s everyday work for safer health and social care.

Johanna Hultcrantz, Chief Product Officer at Cambio

About Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring, RPM, is a service allowing the patient to measure its values regularly from home with a direct connection to the healthcare. With help from a Bluetooth connected medical device, such as a blood pressure monitor or a spirometer, the results are seen immediately for both the patient and the nursing staff. The platform warns of any health deviations, so the nursing staff can get in contact and interfere before the patient’s health worsens. RPM enables close and safe healthcare where the patient gets increased health care accessibility while at the same time increased insight in their care plan and health values. The caregiver saves time and can focus on what is most important – the patient. 

About ImagineCare

ImagineCare is the Swedish market leader within Remote Patient Monitoring, a digital care platform where the patient is measuring their values from home with direct contact to the caregiver through an app. Our solution has been developed with nursing staff and patients in focus and is a key to the transition into “Close care”, a national objective set by the government of Sweden.

About Cambio

Cambio was founded in 1993 and is now the leading Scandinavian supplier of e-health solutions, with a comprehensive offering for the entire health and care chain. The goal is to offer the most innovative and cohesive solutions for regions and municipalities. Cambio’s e-health solutions support health care professionals in their daily work and offer patients safer and more easily accessible care. We currently have over 800 employees in several countries.