Cambio Healthcare Systems AB has today signed an agreement to acquire MittVaccin Sverige AB. Through the acquisition, MittVaccin enters as a subsidiary under Cambio Healthcare Systems. The ambition is to jointly accelerate the efforts to achieve MittVaccin’s vision “a patient-safe and efficient handling of vaccinations”.

MittVaccin works to make all vaccinations in Sweden available to authorities from an infection control point of view and to care providers through coherent record keeping. Individuals also have access to their vaccination history via the MittVaccin app and via 1177 Journalen.

  • “We are very pleased that through the acquisition of MittVaccin we are adding further breadth to our product range and that we can thus enable regions that have Cambio’s medical record system COSMIC to have access to a highly specialised vaccination module” says Peter Gille, CEO of Cambio. “The MittVaccin journal will continue to function as a stand-alone journal that all regions and municipalities, regardless of the core journal system, can use for their vaccination reporting.”
  • “Our goal is to get the right vaccine at the right time and thus avoid both over and under vaccination,” says Joakim Backau, CEO and founder of MittVaccin Sverige AB. “Now that we are part of Cambio, we see great opportunities to be able to offer MittVaccin to regions and municipalities.”

MittVaccin offers two products: “MittVaccin Journal” and “MittVaccin App – your digital vaccination card”. “MittVaccin Journal” is a medical record system for care providers in both the private and public sectors. “MittVaccin App” is a unique service in Sweden that offers individuals access to their vaccination history, find where to get vaccinations, the opportunity to book an appointment for vaccination, information about vaccines and general advice on vaccination.

The Svevac system, on which many in both private and public vaccination centers have relied for vaccination reporting, will be phased out in 2021.

  • 2MittVaccin has extensive experience of migrating historical vaccination data from Svevac, which means that the regions and municipalities vaccination history does not have to be lost at Svevac’s closure. This also means that services such as NPÖ and 1177 Journalen can show the vaccination information that is entered in the MittVaccin Journal”, concludes Joakim Backau.

For further information:

Peter Gille, CEO Cambio
Tel. +46 70 825 00 14

Joakim Backau, CEO MittVaccin
Tel. +46 76 810 01 97