Cambio Healthcare Systems has launched a critical care clinical-focused Clinical Advisory Board

Cambio Healthcare Systems has launched a critical care clinical-focused Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) comprising of hand-picked medical professionals alongside Cambio CIS product experts, all of whom have been selected based on their level of extensive clinical experience, capabilities and judgement with clinical software governance and leadership. Each member of the CAB has their own specific area of specialism and expertise, including intensive care nursing, anesthesiology and clinical software governance and delivery.

Leading Clinical Governance

Quality is crucial to everything we do. Our Clinical Advisory Board helps to provide the groundwork for our Clinical Governance Framework, making sure there are clear clinical processes in place which ensure exceptional levels of quality and compliance in all our Cambio CIS specialist solutions.

This allows us to outline clear and attainable standards that all of our solution experts apply as we develop our CIS solutions, pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve and how these are maintained by audits and dedicated support by adhering to clinical regulations and best practice.

Support on clinical matters

Drawing on a wealth of hands-on experience, the CAB provides vital support and guidance to how we approach the development of Cambio CIS solutions. With this expertise, the CAB enables us to lead the way in the industry – embracing the most up-to-date technologies to help facilitate more efficient and effective treatment across the spectrum of critical care.

We understand that our experts are instrumental to the development of the solutions we provide, which is why our CAB helps us to make improvements that will truly benefit all of our customers and of course the patients that they care for. Proactively seeking opportunities to innovate and identify improvements to our processes, solution design, functionality and methodology, we’re always open to developing positive change and this enables us to transform our services and the support we offer for the better.

  • Tomas Block, Clinical Medical Officer, Cambio AB: This is a leading example of Cambio working with our customers in a common international network based on our solutions & services. A great step in our journey to strengthen Cambio as not only a Swedish but also a Nordic and international company.

We also work to expand general industry knowledge by supporting our solutions experts and board members continued dialogue and engagement, keeping them at the forefront of clinical best practice.

We are very happy to have this work in parallel with our many customer user-groups that are working on a here-and-now clinical wishes and needs basis alongside industry and regulatory requirements. All very focused on really embracing the possibilities to improve patient treatment & research through data.

Anne-Mette Bang, Managing Director Cambio A/S