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Where the smallest detail matters most

A user-friendly and intuitive patient data management system for the Neo-natal-ICU clinical department. Cambio CIS consists of a fully integrated electronic medical record, an electronic prescription and administration system, a patient data management system and a business intelligence module. Cambio CIS is guaranteed to increase both patient safety and productivity in the NICU.


Not all systems are the same

We ensure that the smallest of patients receive with data-driven insights precision care when it is most needed.

Cambio CIS is a specialist solution developed specifically for NICUs. From administration through to discharge, with Cambio CIS you have it all and in one place.

State of the art solution

Cambio CIS brings together a unique blend of matching clinical staff workflows and the high resolution data that is generated by every patient every minute of every day, making personlised and data informed care the standard.

It serves as the main control panel for all patients in the ICU. Patient data flow from different sources into CIS where they are analysed and summariSed before they are sent automatically to the Hospital Information System (HIS). Cambio CIS is a plug-and-play solution: installation and configuration takes less than 30 days and training of staff is fast and efficient.

The Cambio CIS NICU solution enables a seamless sharing of information across a patients entire journey.

Ensure interoperability

CIS integrates with all key hospital IT systems (HIS). PACS, coding, drug registrys, ADT, pharmacy, Labs and many more. This is further complemented with integrations into local country databases and quality registers. We adapt the solution to you.

In short; it’s the sharing and interpreting of patient information across an entire system. Interoperability ensures that your healthcare system not only collects and shares patient data with healthcare professionals, but presents that data in a way that clearly demonstrates the cause and effect of patient treatments. CIS ICU is a critical information system that has a strong understanding of this, following its 15year history of being designed by clinicans for clinicans

Non-aggregated high resolution data makes ALL the difference

We connect to over 900 medical devices from all leading device manufactures.

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