Karolinska University Hospital chooses Cambio Platform

As a result of a broad procurement Cambio has been selected by Karolinska University Hospital as one supplier in the hospital’s investment in a new open ecosystem for information supply based on openEHR. The procurement is an important step in the streamlining of healthcare through increased openness and flexibility in the handling of health data.

Today, there is a need for improved information sharing and system usability to create greater efficiency in healthcare. Karolinska University Hospital’s procurement of suppliers with framework agreements for handling health data is an important marker for an ongoing change towards increased openness and flexibility in systems and working methods.

Cambio is one of the suppliers that, through the procurement, will have a framework agreement to provide products and services for handling health data to Karolinska University Hospital. The procurement also makes it possible for other care units in Region Stockholm to request services through the framework agreement. The solutions will be available through the new health data platform Cambio Platform.

“This is a great success for Cambio, who has worked for a long time for an open ecosystem and standardization of health data. We look forward to collaborating with Karolinska University Hospital and being part of their ambitious work for a future open ecosystem for health data,” says Cecilia Täkte, Chief Commercial Officer at Cambio.

A health data platform is the basis for an open ecosystem with provider-neutral health data, where information follows the patient instead of being locked in different applications. Cambio Platform is completely based on standards such as openEHR and HL7 FHIR. OpenEHR is an open standard for storing patient records that enables provider-neutral health data and thus sustainable information supply. HL7 FHIR is an open standard for the exchange of electronic healthcare data between systems.

“Cambio works for a sustainable information supply where health data is open, accessible and standardized. This means that everyone around the patient starts from the same information – regardless of the system or how the information is entered, which benefits care, patients and society. Therefore, we are very excited about this new agreement which is an important step in making this possible,” says Cecilia Täkte.

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